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St. Petersburg students create clothes brand


They make coats, shirts and T-shirts.


Two students of the Saint-Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design started making informal clothes of their own design. Vadim Fedoseev, Channel Saint-Petersburg reporter, has visited their studio.

The first batch was sold in just a few days. The designers did not expect such a success. Ivan and Nikolay, founders of the brand, say the profit was small, just 20 thousand rubles ($314), but a lot of people have learned about their idea.

‘When we made the first shirt and dyed it, it was such a great feeling, like, wow, I made it. It is very comfortable, it is just incredible. This is the greatest project I took part in’, Ivan Sotnikov, Jr., designer, shares his emotions.

The young designers make coats, shirts and T-shirts in a small but cozy studio and sell them via social media. All the profit is spent on promoting the brand. They say their target audience are creative people.

‘This is the sort of clothes you are not afraid to spoil, with a lot of pockets to put your instruments in, so they are really comfortable’, Nikolay Trukhachev, designer, explains.

The creators of the new brand are students of the Saint-Petersburg Stieglitz Academy of Art and Design, and they pay much attention to the details and the colour.

Vadim Fedoseev, reporter: ‘They dye all the clothes by hand, that is why they are so colourful. This shirt is made of natural fabric and is really comfortable’.

Ivan and Nikolay do everything themselves from sketch to sales. Now they are working on an unusual hoody design and planning to start making jewelry. They also have some global ideas.

‘We want to attract young active people to work in collaboration with, to use our resource to promote other people’s ideas, too’, Nikolay Trukhachev says.

The authors of the project do not know if it is going to grow in scale. But they do hope to make up a formula of comfortable clothes.

Photo anf video: St. Petersburg TV channel